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Sensation-Based Mindset Certification Program

Your mind is not just located between your ears.

The Sensation-Based Mindset Coach Training Certification program is for you if:


  • You have clients that you have not been able to help reach their goals because they struggle with resistance and your traditional approaches aren’t working. 
  • You want to make a big impact in the world, deeply care about people, and want to know the best integrative approach available, but you aren’t going to spend 20 years studying. You want the most complete system of distilled wisdom so you can start impacting your clients right away. 
  • You’ve attained a certain level of success in your life, but there are still certain relationships that you struggle with. You know you’re missing something and you want to find that “missing piece.”

The Key to Your Potential

Following your intuition is nice.
Being client focused is great.
Until you understand how to master your resistance you will resist your highest potential… and not even see the signs.

Program Overview

A powerful confluence of mindfulness, neuroscience, and bioenergetics, The Sensation-Based Mindset Coach training certification program will teach you the deepest approach to personal transformation by helping your clients become aware of, decode, modify, and reframe the root cause of their habitual behavior at the cellular level.  This trauma-informed mindset system recognizes that emotions are the driving force of human behavior, and focuses on the most basic and tangible part of the emotional experience- the sensations. Our sensations dictate not only what actions we take in every aspect of our lives, but also create physical issues such as dis-ease, stress, anxiety, and depression when they are misunderstood or ignored. When you can masterfully navigate your client’s sensations you no longer need complex systems, wholistic approaches, and a multitude of certifications to get a transformative result. Instead of working with many things, you work with ONE thing that makes up all things in the human experience – energetics.

Traditional Coaching Approach: Help clients get results by changing their thinking.

Traditional Therapeutic Approach: Help clients get results by doing something “for” them.

New Coaching and Therapeutic Approach: Help clients get results by looking at them as a wholistic being and navigating the all the different aspects of the human experience.

The Next Wave Approach: Help clients get results by masterfully navigating the raw data of the human experience – energetics.

Be the person people seek-out to help them transform their most pressing problems and have the tools to navigate any form of resistance.

“I’ve been working in the field of somatic therapy and coaching for many years and have been through lots of programs.  The Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching Program is chock full of incredible value and is at least a 25K program.” 

-Nancy Jonker, PhD

We are now taking applications for our 2019 certification program.
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