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Master Your Relationships

Sensation-Based Mindset Certification Program

Success in any pursuit depends on the quality of Your Relationships.


Anyone can be a leader. Climb the ladder, Gain Followers, Start a Trend…

Mastery is what you seek. It’s not the title of mentor or leader that brings you satisfaction… it’s the impact you’re making.

Are you reaching people?

As a high performer you require a certain level of excellence from yourself. You know you are here to contribute and that you have a lot to give. It’s time to take your leadership to the next level.

How do you measure your impact? Is it…

  • money
  • status
  • followers
  • infastructure

Or do you measure your leadership by the connection and depth that you reach with people?

Measure your impact by the transformations you make. One life at a time.  

The Sensation-Based Mindset Certification program will transform you. Yes, we will teach you the most cutting-edge transformational skills. Yes, we will teach you an unprecidented tool box of skills that will can take people from resistant to enthusiasic action takers effortlessly… But those are just the skills you’ll develope. The Sensation-Based Mindset Certification program will transform how you show up in the world because at the core, it transforms your most primary relationship – YOU.

If you’ve been looking for the deepest, most profoundly transformational experience you can give Yourself while gaining valuable skills you can share with your clients and staff – in the simplest Form-
this program is for you.

  • If you’ve had clients who couldn’t seem to meet their goals…
  • If your team has presented you with problems that strategy couldn’t solve…
  • If clients go silent, get resistant, go unconscious or stop progressing…
  • Maybe you’ve had physical symptoms that seem totally irrelevant and take you off focus and off track… 
  • If you’re unsure of how to go really deep with people in a way that is safe (and isn’t “therapy”) because you know that superficial solutions don’t work and that human connection is the most important skill to develope…
  • If you don’t want to do “band-aid” fixes because you’re dedicated to sustainable, reproducible change…
  • If you are passionate that the world needs more human-ness
  • If you feel like there is nothing more powerful than being a part of another persons deepest transformation…
  • If you want to be the kind of person who transforms a room just because you’re in it…

Welcome. This is what you’ve been looking for.

Sensation-Based MindseT.

“I have found Ani and Brian to be two of the most grounded individuals I have encountered in the personal development industry. They are a breath of fresh air- knowledgable, real and relatable.” 

-Shelly Van Goeye, SBMC, CEO Lucky Penny

The problem is with the systems.

The problem isn’t you.

The personal development field is booming with interest, yet so many coaches and trainers are offering uneducated and incomplete solutions. . Clients are demanding more from the industry. They are demanding more from us as leaders and mentors.


What isn’t working-


Fancy marketing isn’t working: Consumers are seeing through shiny marketing tactics. New generations wants the companies they support to have a heart, soul and purpose. 73% of Millennials say they are willing to pay more for product and service companies that support social causes . 70% of Gen Z says they will actively engage with companies that can help them make a difference.

Disconnected systems aren’t working: Most people won’t tell you that only in the personal development industry only 3% of people you reach with a automated systems actually become potential clients (if you have a great system). Disconnected, impersonal marketing no longer works. And that’s just the transformational industry… not to mention healthcare, education an politics. It’s time for a NEW way.

Motivation isn’t working: People have heard enough of the “think positive” mentality. And it isn’t helping them. Coaching that disallows a full emotional experience isn’t allowing full intelligence to flow. Training that only focuses on the positive aspects of life is neglecting a key truth- life can be challenging. We can no longer meet people with a “pep talk” and expect them to take on a new level of success. Our clients and staff are demanding (and deserve) true compassion and holistic solutions that allow them to be a real human being.

“Fight the Resistance” isn’t working: Humans are transforming at a more rapid pace than anytime in history. Our resistance to change has gotten more sophisticated. Resistance will trick you if you are not a master at “allowing” and navigating it. Fighting it will not work. That’s just a scientific fact.

“To reach higher we must dig deeper .”

  • Have the assessment tools to get to the heart of a persons life purpose and biggest growth challenges in a way that is fun, unassuming and quick. 

  • Gain the tool box to take people from resistant to expansive and enthusiastic in a very short amount of time.

  • Be a person who experiences unprecidented levels of joy and centeredness so that others are naturally magnitize to becoming their best whenever they are around you. 

Get the raw data of intelligence- the sensations

If you want to get to the bottom of a problem, you’ve gotta go to the data.

How do you know what’s going with your people? You’ve gotta get data!

The raw data of the human system is the sensations.

Action does not arise from thoughts. It does not arise from will. Action arises from the sensation-base no matter who you are, what you’ve been through, or how successful you’ve been in the past or will be in the future.

When you learn to masterfully work with a person’s sensations you work with the raw data of the human experience. In essence, you can access their holistic intelligence.

And people can feel it.

It feels like integrity and it looks like compassion. 

Lead with ease! Effortless encourage the self-leadership of others. Create a culture of innovation and positivity anywhere you go. It’s easy because it flows from YOU when you master your Sensation-Base.

The  Sensation-Based Mindset Certification is a powerful distillation of the following wisdom:

Mindfulness, BodyMind Energetics, Neuroscience, Physiology, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Psychology, Coaching, Eastern Philosophy, Somatics, Holistic Behavioral Research, and much more.

Download the Syllabus Here

“I am SO grateful for Ani and Brian!!! What a trip that I have been on floundering and not getting clients. Once I started the SBMC program and speaking from my heart, the clients flocked in!”

 – Augusta Good Krahl SBMC, ICF Certified Coach

Your Partners in Revolutionary Transformation

Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos have over 45 years and 86,000 hours of client experience. As rehabilitation specialists, they both took a revolutionary approach to client care, leaving the broken Western Medical System and Insurance reimbursement model behind to start their own private pay private practices.

From there they grew two thriving wellness centers, both in their tiny home town of 4,000 year round residents.

Having become the “people who you go to when the doctor doesn’t know what is wrong” Ani and Brian knew it was time to begin teaching on a global scale. The Sensation-Based Mindset Program is their second global training institution.

Ani and Brian have clients around the world, are seen as thought-leaders in their field and hold space for thriving communities of dedicated service-based professionals. They are highly respected by leaders in the therapeutic and coaching industry, having hosted thousands of trainings between them, and are routinely told that their work has changed the lives of the people they serve like nothing else before.

At the end of the day, Ani and Brian are most proud of their thriving personal relationship and the kind of parents they have chosen to dedicate their lives to being. When they aren’t teaching, they can be found in their little log home in the woods, nestled between the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain in New York.

Ani and Brian know:

  • Everyone is capable
  • Everyone is worthy
  • No one is broken


Who this program is for: 





Holistic Health Professionals


Manual Therapists

Fitness Instructors

Non-Profit Leaders










The results that our students receive:

Double Revenues

Transform difficult team members into inspired workers

Get resistant family and staff onboard with your mission

Become the “sought-after expert” people are asking for

Run successful workshops and trainings

Give talks and workshops that convert prospects into clients

Communicate clearly  to attract productivity and innovation of those around you.

Diversify your business model

Experience unprecedented levels of vitality

Eliminate the need for “stress managment coping strategies” in order to manange your overwhelm and axiety.

Gain focus and productivity when unnecessary distractions and time sucking people management problems disapear.

Have the knowledge and proof that you are living at your highest level of contribution doing your soul-level work.




Program Overview

A powerful confluence of mindfulness, neuroscience, and bioenergetics, The Sensation-Based Mindset Certification program will teach you the deepest approach to personal transformation by helping your clients become aware of, decode, modify, and reframe the root cause of their emotional content at the cellular level.  This trauma-informed mindset system recognizes that emotions are the driving force of human behavior, and focuses on the most basic and tangible part of the emotional experience- the sensations. Imagine what would be possible if you understood what dictates every aspect of a person’s behavior? Create powerful solutions to any stress, anxiety, dis-ease, problem or conflict. 

You will have the skills and tools to help people quickly go from stuck and resistant to enthusiastic action takers. This makes you a valuable resource for your clients, potential clients, and colleagues. And it makes your job inspiring!


Benefits of the Sensation-Based Mindset Certification Program

  • The most cutting-edge Bodymind Science available
  • Comprehensive synthesis of content including: bioenergetics, neuroscience, energy medicine, mindfulness, high performance, physiology, spiritual psychology, somatics, transformation and more. We’ve studied for over 20 years so that you don’t have to.
  • Deeply engaged community of high integrity professionals. Our students say they have found the community they have always longed for!
  • Comprehensive Bonus Business training that will teach you how to translate your new found skills into more money and freedom.
  • Set yourself apart in a crowded and unskilled market place as a highly sought after transformational thought leader and educated professional.
  • Be a part of an organization that is dedicated to helping you succeed by offering you passive income opprounities, a leadership tract, and complimentary services like website development.
  • Highly responsive and personalized coaching as a part of your program. Your learning and transformation becomes the top priority.
  • Receive real-time feedback on peer coaching sessions to speed integration of learning.
  • Gain immediate affiliate access to turn-key tools and video programs in our virtual library to support your own clients and groups.
  • Learn how to enroll clients in Sensation-Based Mindset workshops, group and private coaching programs to accelerate income growth.
  • Save time with convenient virtual training calls from your own home or office.
  • Receive three private coaching calls with senior training mentors to address specific personalized needs.
  • Learn how to promote yourself with real authenticity and sell your services with deeply connected conversations.
  • Our remarkable 3 day in-person intensive to deepen training integration, receive instant growth feedback, and cultivate strong peer networking support.



Q: I’m not a coach. Is this program for me?

A: If you are an entrepreneur or service professional who works with clients or staff an you desire to have a skill set that can quickly help people move from resistant and into action quickly, YES, this program is for you! Not everyone will be a coach or entrepreneur which is why we offer our business building curriculum as a bonus to the certification program. 

Q: I’m already a coach. How is this different from other coaching programs?

A: Established coaches train with us because Sensation-Based Mindset is the most complete, the most effective, and the most sustainable way to help your clients create personal transformations. Statistically most people who receive coaching services do not transform their life results. Most coaches would say that “not everyone is willing to change.” What we say is, a skilled Sensation-Based Mindset Coach understands that the only thing blocking a person from making positive changes in their lives is resistance. Resistance that can not be intellectualized (as most of it can’t) MUST be met with a wholistic, somatic (body-centered) approach like Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching. 

Q: I work at a day job and have yet to start my own business, but I want to. Is this program for me?

A: Maybe. The person who will have the most success in our program understands the basics of business if they desire to work for themselves. It’s best for us to have a phone conversation to determine your if this program is a good match. 

Q: I’m already a coach but I have had trouble filling my practice. I’m not sure clear on my marketing. Can this program help me?

A: Yes. When you know who you are at the “core” figuring out who you serve and how you serve them becomes very simple. This will be a part of your personal transformation in the program.

Q: Why is the SBMC program 9 months long? Isn’t that a long time?

A: Our coaches are not only expected to learn content and demonstrate competencies, they are expected to use and embody the SBMC tools and methodology to create their own life transformations. It takes 9 months to make a human being and it takes 9 months to make a qualified, highly trained SBMC coach. Breakthroughs can occur in a moment. True lasting transformation takes time… it takes 9 months. 

Program Details

We are now taking applications for our 2019 certification program. Contact us to be considered for an interview.

  • 9 months, Trimester Schedule
  • Includes 3 day in-person, small group retreat with our faculty and trainers.
  • Weekly, 90-minute virtual training calls (zoom conference)
  • Highly engaged group forum for community support and instructor feedback
  • 3 private coaching calls (1 per semester) with senior training mentor
  • Monthly peer coaching calls
  • Training manual/video program materials support included
  • Certificate of completion with listing in the directory on our website and annual renewal option.
  • Bonus savings and Bonus Trainings 

Program Objectives

By the completion of the program, the student will be able to…

  • Perform the Find Your Soul’s Agenda process
  • Execute a Core Values Assessment
  • Perform Vision Casting process
  • Lead a Core Wound Discovery process
  • Apply Sensation-Based Mindset modification methods (Sensory Magnification, Cross Mapping, Visual-led release, Core Resonance Remodeling)
  • Integrate Sensation-Based Mindset methods into current coaching strategies
  • Use the Natural Law Inquiry process to effect rapid shifts in awareness
  • Plan and guide a Rapid Release VIP Intensive
  • Lead Sensation-Based Mindset workshops

Bonus Trainings for Successful Business Building

pre-recorded for self-paced learning

  • Choosing Meaningful Assessments and Evaluations
  • Giving a Successful 1 Hour Talk That Converts
  • Setting “Just Right” Rates
  • Smoothly On-boarding Clients So They Transition With Ease
  • Practical Marketing for 6-Figure Coaching Businesses

LIVE Bonus Trainings

  • Creating Your Core Offering and Business Model
  • Purpose, Mission, Message: How to simplify what you do and why so that people understand and sign up.
  • Sensation-Based Sales: Transcend sales that deplete you and embrace a sales process that energizes you

“It’s not our thoughts that drive our behavior, it’s our sensations.”

Certification Program Details









Transportation, Food, Lodging for Retreat


Full Cost: $15,000. 

Pay in full or payment plan options

Providing tuition assistance is important to us. Beginning in 2020, scholarships will be available by application to serious canidates.

September – May

Calls take place Wednesdays at 11:30 EST

Weekly calls are virtual and take place on zoom conference.

Mid-session retreat location, Leyden MA, USA

Food and lodging for the mid-session retreat are included in the cost of tuition. All food provided is organic and dietary restrictions will be provided for. Students are responsible for transportation. 

“I’ve been working in the field of somatic therapy and coaching for many years and have been through lots of programs.  The Sensation-Based Mindset Coaching Program is chock full of incredible value and is at least a 25K program.”

– Nancy Jonker, PhD

We are now taking applications for our 2019 certification program.
Contact us to be considered for an interview.